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Polycom is a market leader in UC (unified communications) and video conferencing US companies that simplify hosted solutions for service providers and their customers with the introduction of hosted interoperable communication kit solutions. Polycom provides telepresence, video and voice technology and their related services.

Polycom alone has approximately 1000 customers in Indonesia. Customers in Indonesia itself vary from corporate, government and campuses.

By using Polycom Jakarta solution, companies and organizations can become more competitive. Because, the latest insight-whether the market trends, what competitors do, to reports from all branches-can be monitored and obtained in real time by the central office. This is important, because business decisions involving multiple teams, such as distribution, marketing, and production teams, need to be done quickly in order to grow the company's business forward.

For more info about polycom, please click here https://www.soklik.com/polycom

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