All-round analysis of wood flooring discoloration reasons

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1, environmental protection: Laminate floor contains a certain amount of formaldehyde, if more than the national target (1.5mg / L) will be harmful to human body, the most appropriate selection in the purchase of products with national environmental protection mark or Mianjian products. Do not believe the shopping guide "zero formaldehyde" argument, the most reliable approach is to require the provision of environmental certificates, inspection reports and other supporting materials.

2, wear resistance: laminate flooring surface to strengthen the anti-wear agent for the aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide content and the thickness of the film determines the wear-resistant number of revolutions. The greater the content and membrane, the higher the number of revolutions, the more wear-resistant, the longer the life of the floor. Wear-resistant surface on the market is �� 6000 turn the laminate floor, there will be AC3 on the floor of the label, the greater the number of markers greater identification value.

3, the grassroots material: Currently on the market to strengthen the basic substrate from the rapid economic forest, wood processed into MDF. The greater the density, the greater the bond strength, the better the quality of the sheet. In the selection of laminate flooring, the grassroots white, the better the quality. Press hard with the fingers press the edge of the substrate to see whether the gray, if not out of powder wood residue, indicating good substrate quality.

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