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Every year the same old song. New FIFA 18 Coin Generator game and new FUT mode. All your coins from the previous version are gone. No FIFA 17 Coins on FIFA 18, you have to get them all again. Not only the coins, also the player, all the endless player contracts, kits, stadiums and other items are gone. All the real money you have spent on the game was wasted now. The opposite is happening: You have to spend money for FUT 18 again – buying points, opening packs, getting player contracts and average player. Building a team on Ultimate Team is harder than you think. Just by points you can open packs, but the chance of getting a awesome player is under 5%. What you need is coins – lots of coins. With them you can move on to the transfermarket and buy any player you want. Yes, absolutely! You can hack and cheat on FIFA 18 UT. Many people do so and they never had any trouble in doing so. If you don’t use the FIFA 18 Hack the only way to get coins is by playing matches, tournaments or by trading. I can’t recommend these strategies, because it takes simply too long for getting a high amount of coins. What you need is a full working FIFA 18 Coin Generator which delivers fast and is efficient. The FIFA 18 Coins Hack on this website has the ability to generate you free FIFA 18 Hack and Points – thats what you need! Luckily there are some websites providing you with some FIFA 18 cheats and hacks which are working like a charm. These days it is hard for EA to fight against bots, generator or any other online hack, thats the reason why they bring up so many updates. Not sure if you noticed it, but from October to December they released 6 updates in the hope to stop people from using a FIFA 18 Coin Generator. We never know how long it will take them to stop people from generating free FIFA 18 Points and Coins on FUT 18, but one thing is for sure: Since the release of the new game there have been over tenthousands of people having a

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