Three-tier parquet how to maintain

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In order to adhere to the beauty of the three-layer parquet and extend the service life of lacquer, advocate waxing and curing twice a year. Wax before the floor wipe clean, and then evenly change the surface of a layer of floor wax, a little dry with a soft cloth wipe until smooth light.

If inadvertent attack a large area flooding or local long-term water immersion, if there is clear water stay dry with a dry cloth, and let it dry naturally, prohibit the use of electric heater drying or sun exposure. Long-term exposure to intense sunlight, or rapid temperature rise in the room, etc. may lead to premature aging of parquet finish should be avoided.

Regularly clean the floor, vacuuming, to avoid the accumulation of sand or conflict and scraping the floor surface of the dust. Place a doormat outside the door to avoid bringing sand or conflicting dust into the room. Wiping the floor can be used to wipe the cotton swab wipe. Do not wipe the floor with a wet mop or with a corrosive liquid such as soap and water. Move furniture should not be pushed directly on the floor, should be raised and moved. Often move the furniture can stick a layer of rubber in the bottom.

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