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1, to protect the baseboard and furniture: in order to prevent the floor polluting baseboard and furniture polluting, before waxing, furniture can be removed, covered with tape tape baseboard and so on. After the floor wax is dry, restore it.

2, waxing Note: When waxing wood floor, be careful not to pour the floor wax directly on the floor, so easy to make the corresponding parts of the floor there are traces of hard to kill. In addition, waxing, but also to avoid mixing into the gravel and other sharp objects into the floor wax, thus causing damage to the floor. The entire construction process, need to be careful not to damage the wooden floor itself.

3, after waxing wood floor conservation: waxing wooden floor, need to be careful to leave the drying time, usually about 1 hour. Do not walk around the wooden floor until the floor wax is dry. Floor waxing, but also often need to clean the wooden floor dust.

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