0.718 and 0.773 GHz N-Female Cavity Diplexer

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50 Ohm RX (0.703 to 0.733) GHz and TX (0.758 to 0.788) GHz N-Female Cavity [url=https://pandamw.com/products/diplexer/]Diplexer[/url] at 50W

0.718 and 0.773 GHz, N-Female; Low Insertion Loss 1.0dB; High Rejection; Operating Temperature: -40 to +70℃

Freq. Range : 0.703-0.733GHz Insertion Loss : Max.1.0dB Return Loss : Max.15dB Isolation : Min.20dB Connectors : ANT: N-Female; RX: N-Female; TX: N-Female

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