light-weight composite energy-saving wall material

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fire moisture, affordable, is a very good decorative materials. For more light partition board knowledge, please continue to pay attention to every home improvement network.Partition board refers to the prefabricated wall prefabricated slab used for the partition inside the building as specified in JG / T169-2005 "Lightweight slab for building partition walls". The partition board includes lightweight cement

foam sandwich board, polystyrene Granular sandwich panels, GM panels, ceramic sound insulation fire board, etc., let's learn more about partition board classification knowledge. First, lightweight cement foam sandwich board foam cement composite board, also known as the body board, the product has environmental protection and energy saving pollution-free, lightweight, seismic, fire, insulation, noise,

construction and quick obvious advantages, since put on the market , Much favored by building materials experts, aroused the great concern of many construction companies. The main components are: roof panels, grid panels, floor panels, wall panels, shaped panels and so on. Outer ring made of C-shaped steel skeleton, the internal plus ribs, the overall laying of the inner layer of steel wire mesh, core material

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