Cannabis Is a Powerful Drug

One effect of cannabis is that it can cause some people to lose focus on events around them. For some this may seem to be an enjoyable experience. This happens because cannabis causes some parts of the brain -- the parts associated with motor coordination, emotions, memory and judgment -- to go out of balance and control. When this happens, a drug user may make unhealthy behavior choices.

Some examples of the negative effect cannabis can have:

  • From relatively harmless: Under the influence of cannabis, your son forgets his best friend’s phone number.
  • To more concerning: Your daughter’s school grades drop.
  • To fatal consequences: A young driver is seriously injured in a car crash, or a passenger is injured when the driver of the car is under the influence of cannabis.

And bear in mind: High doses of cannabis use may lead to anxiety and panic attacks.

All these different changes are caused by chemicals that affect the brain. Cannabis contains a chemical called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC. Quite a lot of other chemicals are found in marijuana, about 400 of them, some of which can cause lung cancer. But THC is the main active ingredient.

Cannabis Invades the Brain

Within minutes of inhaling, a user begins to feel "high," or filled with pleasant sensations. The THC chemical in cannabis causes this big impact on the brain.

Cannabis Invades the Brain

For some this is and remains a pleasant and temporary sensation. But depending on the person, the situation, the strength of the cannabis it can become harmful and even dangerous both to the user and to the relationships with his or her friends and family.

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