What happens when cannabis hits the brain?

Cannabis affects coordination, learning and emotions

Motor Coordination

Imagine you are watching your teen playing soccer. An easy pass comes his way, and he has the chance to score the winning goal. But today, he seems a bit off his game. He fumbles; an opponent seizes the opportunity and kicks the winning goal. Game over. Such loss of coordination can be caused by smoking or ingesting cannabis.

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Why does this happen?

THC can find its way into the cerebellum, the section of our brain that does most of the work on balance and coordination. With THC in the brain, scoring a goal in soccer may become a bit tough, but it can spell disaster on the highway when a driver’s response times are slowed by the drug. Research shows that drivers (of any age) on cannabis have slow reaction times, impaired judgment, and problems responding to signals and sounds on the road.

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