A teenage view of drug use

Let’s examine in more detail some of the reasons why teenagers might use drugs.

  • To escape from problems
    Drugs can be used as a crutch to help cope with personal problems, such as pressures from school, family break-up, or relationship problems.

  • Relief from boredom
    It is common for young people to complain of boredom. Unfortunately, some teenagers see drug use as a way to deal with this feeling.

  • Seeking the high
    Teenagers may believe that drug use can lead to positive physical and psychological effects, and that the feeling of getting “high” is pleasurable.

  • To feel more confident in social situations
    It is common for young people to feel awkward in social situations, and youth may use drugs to feel more confident with peers.

  • To fit in or to be cool
    Many young people believe that using drugs will help them fit in with friends so they can be “cool”. And when their friends are using, it is hard for young person to go against what the others are doing.

  • Curiosity
    Some young people use drugs because they are curious about their effects.

I guess teenagers aren't that different from the rest of us really!

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